Q2 2018


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Partnering with Internet of Things companies and the public safety community, RapidSOS provides a rich data link to 911 and first responders – sending lifesaving data to aid in emergency response.

We're excited to back RapidSOS as they work to transform emergency response globally. RapidSOS' NG911 Clearinghouse provides life-saving data from any connected device to 9-1-1 and first responders.

Investors: Leo de Luna | Lior Litwak


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Directly’s Crowd-Powered AI platform radically changes how companies support customers by combining machine learning and the new market of gig workers to create a collaborative platform that transforms and scales customer service for world-class companies.

Directly changes how companies think about artificial intelligence and how they deliver customer service. We see a number of ways that Directly’s platform can help transform the enterprise by implementing amazing customer service experiences.

Investor: Leo de Luna

Q1 2018


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Voicera connects meetings to your collaboration systems with Eva, an in-meeting virtual assistant. Eva listens, take notes & gives you a recording, transcript & highlights that can be edited or shared. With Voicera your meetings are activated!

We believe voice collaboration will play a major role in the future of work. By investing in Voicera's talented team and connecting them to Microsoft’s AI and productivity assets, we believe they will maximize the value of meetings.

Investors: Leo de Luna | Samir Kumar

Unravel Data

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Unravel Data provides the only APM solution that takes an application-first approach for Big data. Unravel tracks, correlates, and interprets performance data across the full-stack in-order to optimize, troubleshoot, and analyze from a single pane.

Unravel's AI-driven APM platform for Big Data applications has enormous potential for enterprise customers who are looking to build a self-healing application infrastructure. We're excited to support Unravel as they help the world's largest organizations get the most benefit from their Big Data deployments.

Investor: Rashmi Gopinath


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Unbabel removes language barriers in communication and content on a global scale for the likes of Skyscanner, BuzzFeed and Pinterest, combining machine learning, Neural Machine Translation, quality estimation and a global network of 55,000 translators.

We're excited to support Unbabel as they bring their AI-powered human translations to more enterprises around the world. By positioning themselves at the nexus of machine translation and professional services, Unbabel offers a unique solution to help organizations reach more customers, more effectively, at scale.

Investor: Itxaso del Palacio

Q4 2017


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The Workboard SaaS solution transforms an antiquated approach to strategy alignment and progression into a dynamic, data-driven practice augmented by analytics and intelligence. It helps organizations iterate, measure and achieve their strategy at market speed.

Workboard optimizes strategy management for quicker decision-making and better implementation. It’s a promising solution at a time when enterprises are looking to transform all aspects of their businesses.

Investor: Priya Saiprasad

Contrast Security

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Contrast Security builds security safeguards directly into critical applications, enabling software to protect itself. The Contrast sensors work actively inside the application to detect software vulnerabilities early in development and maintain continuous application attack monitoring and blocking into production.

Application security is the fastest growing category in the global IT security market. From developers using Microsoft Visual Studio, to organizations running their critical applications in the Azure cloud, Contrast Security delivers high-end real-time application security to protect against serious security threats. Our investment in Contrast Security is a reflection of our view of its state-of-the-art technology, and our belief in how it will benefit enterprise customers.

Investor: Rashmi Gopinath


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Pixvana is building a platform for XR storytelling. SPIN Studio is the first end-to-end cloud solution for 360 video creation and delivery. Start with camera footage and finish with fully interactive stories delivered to any VR headset.

Pixvana’s tools help others create immersive, next-generation video experiences for work and play. We look forward to supporting Pixvana as they help usher in the next big platform shift to mixed reality.

Investor: Lisa Nelson


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Markforged provides an industrial 3D printing platform to liberate designers and engineers from decades-old, slow part creation processes. Its 3D printers enable customers to ship 50X faster, spend 20X less, and build products that are 23X stronger.

As cloud services shorten development cycles for software engineers, so too is 3D printing accelerating innovation in the physical world, Markforged’s full-stack offering and innovative materials are game-changing for 3D printing, opening up incredible new opportunities for mechanical engineers.

Investor: Matthew Goldstein

Q3 2017


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Onfido builds trust in an online world by helping businesses digitally verify people’s identities. Using machine learning technology, Onfido validates a user’s identity document and compares it with their facial biometrics. The identity can then be cross-referenced against international credit and watchlist databases.

Onfido’s reliable and scalable intelligent services are helping millions of unbanked people worldwide access financial services by allowing them to open bank accounts, be verified for a job and more with the touch of a button. We’re proud to support Onfido with this investment.

Investors: Mony Hassid | Itxaso del Palacio


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Airobotics provides an end-to-end, fully automatic drone solution for collecting aerial data and gaining insights. The industrial grade platform enables industries such as mining and oil & gas to access aerial data in a faster, safer, more efficient way.

We believe in the full potential of drones to disrupt how businesses work today. Airobotics’ vision of taking the human pilot out of the loop and increasing the value drones can create is very much aligned with Microsoft’s vision of the future.

Investors: Mony Hassid | Lior Litwak

Q2 2017


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Make.TV offers a cloud-based service for the acquisition, production and distribution of live and near-live video content quickly and at scale. With their Live Video Cloud (“LVC”) platform, publishers and broadcasters are able to acquire user-generated and premium content from smartphones, mobile pro cameras, encoders and social video feeds. LVC also allows publishers and broadcasters to monitor incoming live feeds, communicate with contributors, and distribute the content across a variety of channels and mediums.

Our investment in Make.TV is an important step in breaking down digital barriers to transform the way live video content is acquired, produced and distributed. With its elegant and easy-to-use platform, Make.TV is empowering publishers and broadcasters like never before.

Investor: Lisa Nelson


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WhiteSource secures and manages open source software, allowing developers to focus on building great products. It automates component detection; security vulnerability alerts and fixes; license risk and compliance analysis plus policy enforcement; quality review, and new version alerts.

WhiteSource’s vision from the beginning was to help enterprises safely, securely and continuously adopt, manage and deploy open source components. Our investment in its technology is a testimonial of our shared commitment to make open source software practical, productive and secure.

Investors: Mony Hassid | Lior Litwak


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Trusona is the global leader in identity authentication. Trusona ensures the True Persona behind every digital interaction through a suite of products ranging from frictionless #NoPasswords login to the only insured authentication solution.

Helping businesses and consumers move toward a safer and more secure digital world is a priority for Microsoft. We believe in the work Trusona is doing to give their enterprise clients peace of mind when it comes to data protection.

Investor: Elliott Robinson


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PandaDoc helps accelerate the way organizations transact. Companies that run on PandaDoc report higher close rates, bigger deals, shorter sales cycles, full compliance and other improvements that relate to the final stages of the buying cycle.

PandaDoc puts into action our desire to help organizations drive efficiencies, cut costs and improve productivity. We see great value in the PandaDoc platform and believe this technology will increase the pace of digital transformation.

Investor: Leo de Luna


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Frame is a secure platform that makes it easy to move Windows desktop applications to the cloud and access them from any device. Browser-based app delivery, rich APIs, and powerful enterprise features ensure top performance in a cloud-first world.

Built for the cloud from day one, Frame uses the unlimited computing power of Microsoft Azure to provide secure virtual workspaces. With the technology to run millions of Windows applications from the cloud, Frame will use our investment to transform the end-user computing model.

Investors: Nagraj Kashyap | Rashmi Gopinath


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Agolo helps readers get to the point faster by applying advanced summarization software to news, chat, voice, and video. The company’s AI platform can analyze thousands of documents and produce a summary of key points specific to the reader’s interests in real time. Agolo has an enormous dataset of summaries, which powers the company’s AI engine. In a world overwhelmed by content, Agolo helps readers very rapidly grasp information so they can spend more time thinking.

Summarization is the key to absorbing information efficiently for business insights. We believe Agolo’s quest to fight information overload with AI is a game-changer that will dramatically increase productivity for both individuals and organizations.

Investor: Leo de Luna


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Bonsai’s AI Platform empowers enterprises to build intelligent systems. Bonsai completely automates the management of complex machine learning algorithms, enabling enterprises to program AI models that improve systems control and decision support.

Through its simplified AI platform, Bonsai is tackling a key barrier to AI adoption. Our goal is to democratize AI, and our support for Bonsai will help to the company bring this technology to a greater number of developers and enterprise customers around the world.

Investors: Priya Saiprasad | Samir Kumar


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Synack is redefining security testing with a scalable, hacker-powered security intelligence platform. Leveraging a global network of highly vetted ethical hackers, Synack’s platform scales an offensive approach to defense for organizations to keep critical applications and infrastructure safe.

Traditional security testing presents many challenges that Synack tackles head-on with an innovative, crowd-focused approach.  Based on their already strong market traction and history of working with Fortune 500 enterprise customers, we look forward to seeing what Synack accomplishes next.

Investor: Rashmi Gopinath

Q1 2017


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Livongo is the leading consumer digital health company that empowers people with chronic conditions to live a better life. Its new approach for diabetes management combines the latest apps and analytics with coaching and real-time, personalized support to make diabetes management easier.

We are proud to support Livongo, the global leader in chronic care management. Its approach of combining the latest technology with coaching is leading to better clinical and financial outcomes, while also creating a better experience for people with chronic illnesses. This is true empowerment.

Investors: Nagraj Kashyap | Elliott Robinson


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CNEX is a semiconductor company focused on innovative and highly performant solid-state storage controllers and software for the next generation of cloud and hyperscale data centers.

CNEX solid-state drive controllers for servers and storage in the data center are critical to the trillion-dollar transition to the cloud. Our support will help CNEX accelerate new breakthroughs toward a cloud-first world.

Investors: Nagraj Kashyap | Rashmi Gopinath


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Prevedere uses the latest in artificial intelligence and smart data discovery to provide enterprises with highly accurate, real-time predictive models of future sales, revenue, costs and more, resulting in smarter, more profitable decisions.

The Prevedere platform integrates with existing forecasting and BI tools, reducing forecast errors and saving time. Our investment is aimed at helping Prevedere expand its reach with enterprise companies both today and in the future.

Investor: Leo de Luna


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Pickit provides professionally curated images sourced from the world’s leading providers right inside PowerPoint, Word, Sway, and Windows 10.

Pickit is on a mission to make messages stronger, to make work matter, and to fix the broken image market by putting legally cleared images at the fingertips of Microsoft and Office users worldwide. The company is making significant strides increasing workplace productivity, and that is well-aligned with Microsoft’s ambitions.

Investor: Lisa Nelson


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SnapRoute creates open-source software for networking hardware in companies’ data centers. Their platform, FlexSwitch, is a reliable and operationally sound network stack that gives operators accessibility, control and flexibility.

SnapRoute is working tirelessly to address deep foundational flaws in a legacy approach to networking. Microsoft Ventures is excited to support their goal of empowering operators to work more efficiently and thus make networks work better for enterprises.

Investors: Rashmi Gopinath | Nagraj Kashyap


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AirMap is the world’s leading airspace management platform for drones, supporting more than 100,000 drone flights per day.

AirMap’s cutting-edge technology powers the vast majority of the world's drones, delivering the drone ecosystem's most comprehensive, reliable, and real-time airspace data and services. We are thrilled to support this uniquely qualified team as they transform airspace for drones and allow drone innovation to take flight.

Investors: Matthew Goldstein | Nagraj Kashyap

illusive networks

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illusive networks is an advanced deception cybersecurity technology focused on delivering the most effective protection against the toughest cyber-threats organizations are facing.

illusive networks has the expertise to continue to evolve next-generation deception cybersecurity technology and protect enterprises against increasingly sophisticated advanced attacks. We’re pleased to support illusive networks as they work to make their deception technology the market standard.

Investor: Mony Hassid

Q4 2016

Dynamic Signal

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Dynamic Signal is a leading company communications platform, trusted by world-class enterprises to increase productivity and empower advocacy by engaging employees with timely, relevant content across multiple channels and devices.

Dynamic Signal is changing the way companies communicate with their employees and is a clear choice for Microsoft Ventures’ support. No one delivers enterprise-grade technology that seamlessly integrates with existing business processes in the same way.

Investor: Matthew Goldstein

Element AI

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Element AI helps organizations embrace an AI-first strategy. Composed of a research lab uniquely connected to the best academic ecosystems, Element AI incubates AI solutions in partnership with businesses and research institutions.

Element AI seeks to create positive relationships between humans and AI in the enterprise - this is well aligned with Microsoft’s priority to democratize AI and promote inclusive growth.

Investors: Priya Saiprasad | Nagraj Kashyap


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Tact is a sales experience platform that transforms a salesperson’s connected device into an AI-powered smart assistant that automates administrative tasks and creates a friction-less selling experience.

By giving salespeople a more conversational and unified way to interact with essential tools (like phone, email, and calendar) through an app, SMS or voice, Tact is disrupting how businesses use CRM. This focus on empowerment and productivity is right in our wheelhouse.

Investor: Rashmi Gopinath

GroundTruth, formerly xAd

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GroundTruth, formerly xAd, is the global leader in location intelligence that drives sales – unlocking opportunity in the 90% of retail transactions that are still completed offline.

With its location intelligence, GroundTruth is helping marketers provide a more personalized and meaningful mobile experience to customers. We're thrilled to support GroundTruth on their mission to empower businesses to unlock the potential in their local marketplaces.

Investor: Leo de Luna


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CloudLanes offers a cloud-converged data management platform for secondary and tertiary data to manage the data’s entire life cycle.

We are proud to support CloudLanes on their mission to establish a new paradigm in data management for the cloud-first world.

Investors: Nagraj Kashyap | Rashmi Gopinath

i3 Equity Partners

i3 (Israel IoT Innovation) Equity Partners is an investment vehicle dedicated to early-stage investments in Israeli IoT startups.

We are excited to be partners with such a unique worldwide syndicate. We intend to assist and collaborate with i3 and its portfolio companies while utilizing the acclaimed ingenuity and know-how of the Israeli tech industry.

Investor: Mony Hassid


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Zipwhip is a business texting SaaS provider that enables businesses to receive and send text messages on existing landline, VoIP and toll-free phone numbers.

We are proud to support Zipwhip on their journey to drive the future of B2C engagement and communications. With their cloud texting platform, Zipwhip is empowering consumers to engage with businesses via text as naturally as they do with their friends; businesses in turn build texting into their workflow and use it as a productivity tool.

Investor: Lisa Nelson


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Paxata’s Adaptive Information Platform enables business analysts with an enterprise-grade, self-service data preparation system to support the on-demand and ad-hoc business data needs for analytics and operations.

We are thrilled to support Paxata as they empower business analysts with an intuitive visual application to explore and shape their data with clicks, not code. By leveraging automated artificial intelligence, elastic cloud architecture and distributed computing, Paxata delivers an immersive web experience that automates the data-to-insight pipeline.

Investor: Rashmi Gopinath

Q3 2016


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Aqua Security is the leading platform provider for securing virtual container applications.

We are delighted to support Aqua’s journey to success in the hyper-growth market of containers, which are revolutionizing application development and delivery, driving new levels of innovation and developer agility. Aqua’s comprehensive security platform for containers enables enterprises to accelerate adoption on both private and public clouds.

Investor: Mony Hassid


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Kahoot is a social learning platform that makes learning awesome by allowing users to create, share, and play fun learning games.

We are thrilled to support Kahoot on their mission to help transform education and inspire learning around the world. At Microsoft, we are committed to empowering educators and students to reach their full potential, and Kahoot is making it easy for students and teachers in over 180 countries to create, play and share deeply immersive learning games.

Investors: Nagraj Kashyap | Itxaso del Palacio


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CognitiveScale is a machine intelligence software company that brings scalable, practical AI to the enterprise through its industry Cognitive Clouds.

CognitiveScale’s Cognitive Clouds are paving the way for intelligent user engagement and business processes, utilizing the power of AI, cloud computing and advanced machine learning to orchestrate rich and insightful experiences. This directly supports our mission to empower enterprises to transform their businesses.

Investor: Leo de Luna


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Layer offers a messaging stack as a service to power rich messaging experiences in web and mobile applications.

We are proud to invest in Layer, a company committed to empowering developers to create the next generation of rich messaging experiences in a seamless and efficient way.  A complete toolkit, Layer lets brands control and customize every aspect of their messaging to boost user engagement, retention and conversions. Companies including Nordstrom, Yik Yak, Sears, Hertz, and Udacity use Layer to provide the ultimate messaging experience for millions of users.

Investors: Elliott Robinson | Nagraj Kashyap

Q2 2016

Figure Eight

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Figure Eight is the essential Human-in-the-Loop AI platform for data science and machine learning teams.

We love how Figure Eight is applying machine learning capabilities to the benefit of a wide range of businesses and core functions. Figure Eight is forging a path to take artificial intelligence from the science lab to the boardroom.

Investors: Nagraj Kashyap | Matthew Goldstein


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Helpshift is the leading in-app customer support platform for mobile, designed uniquely for the mobile-focused business.

Helpshift’s vision for providing a better model of support for both customers and the companies serving them is totally aligned with Microsoft’s belief in the power of great customer experiences. We’re proud to support the team as they remake the customer support experience for a mobile-first, cloud-first world.

Investor: Nagraj Kashyap


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Outreach is an enterprise communications platform for sales teams, helping sales people work more efficiently together.

Outreach is harnessing the power of the cloud to deliver an elegant, unique solution to satisfy enterprise sales team needs.

Investors: Nagraj Kashyap | Matthew Goldstein


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Rescale is a cloud platform provider of simulation software and high performance computing (HPC) solutions.

Rescale has re-imagined the incredibly complex process of HPC simulations for a cloud-first world. Microsoft and Rescale share a vision around the role that Azure can play to meet the global demand for enterprise-class HPC solutions.

Investor: Nagraj Kashyap


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Comfy is changing the way people interact with their workplaces. Comfy is occupant-facing, smart building software that delivers on-demand, personalized comfort and productivity in the workplace.

Comfy’s focus on transformative software to enhance workplace productivity will modernize offices around the world. We’re excited to partner with the team to capitalize on what Comfy is delivering in the way of seamless control and great workplace design.

Investor: Leo de Luna


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Team8 is a cybersecurity powerhouse, focused on developing disruptive technologies and working hand-in-hand with innovative entrepreneurs to build companies which help solve the world’s toughest cybersecurity problems.

We support Team8’s approach to partnering with innovative leaders and entrepreneurs to address the biggest problems in cyber-security.  With their focus on creating differentiated, independent leaders in the cyber-security market, we believe that Team8 can make the world a safer place and assist enterprises in coping with the most daunting cyber challenges.

Investor: Mony Hassid


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CloudSimple is the next-generation “Private Cloud-as-a-Service” infrastructure service built to deliver unprecedented efficiency and control for enterprise applications.

CloudSimple has a powerful vision for a cloud-first future, and we are excited to support them in that vision. They are working to create a cloud platform that supports control, governance, security and enterprise-grade storage requirements, which are essential in a successful move from on-premise architecture.

Investors: Nagraj Kashyap | Rashmi Gopinath